Professional Barista Training

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The motive of Honeywella Skilled Development Academy is to provide high quality knowledge on hospitality courses. Our organisation is a group of professionals instructors/trainers who are incorporated with international communities. Our courses has been rigorously designed to teach you all the skills you need to kickstart your career in the hospitality industry in international level. Skill development, cleanliness and hygienic environment are our key focuses, We provide well equipped, comfortable and friendly learning environment with practical knowledge which leads and motivate each participant to learn and improve their knowledge in guidance of our expertise.

Very Brief Background to Coffee

  • Types and brands of espresso machines
  • Dialing in the grinder calibration, dosing and tamping
  • Fundamentals of equipments and utensils
  • Roasting and blending
  • Farming and agriculture
  • The art of steaming milk and Froathing milk
  • Introduction to milk texturing, micro foaming, stretching
  • Extraction of perfect shot of espresso
  • How to pour Latte Art
  • Brewing Coffee
  • Cup Cupping
  • 3rd wave coffee culture
  • Cleaning and hygience
  • Safety and maintenance
  • Turkish Coffee

Day to day practical teaching of preparation of different types of Coffee

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